Customized Skill-Building Workshops

Our workshops offer groups of educators a learning experience co-created to meet the needs of their organization. Educators master the Design for Change methodology, while creating plans to implement Design for Change in their context.


Receive customized resources and Design for Change methodology training, plus support in creating plans to begin DFC with students.

Feel :: Empathize


Develop outcomes for the training workshop based on the organization’s needs and with the support of a DFC Certified coach.

Imagine :: Brainstrom


Work collaboratively to design a learning experience that will meet the desired outcomes of the organization.

Do :: Prototype


Receive virtual or in-person training from a DFC Certified coach on the DFC methodology and its implementation.


Continue collaboration while integrating the DFC methodology into the organization’s unique context.

Time Required: 2 Hours, ½ Day or Full Day in-person sessions
Feature: Introduces educators to the Design for Change methodology
Goal: Exposes educators to design thinking for social impact and the UN Global Goals
Adaptive: Accounts for the needs and constraints of specific organizations or groups of educators
Outcome: Results in a plan for implementing the Design for Change methodology into various contexts
Price: $500 for 2 Hours (online) | $2,500 for half day on-site* | $3,000 for full day on-site*

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