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Design Sprints

An Easy Way to Get Started

Design Sprints introduce students to design thinking for social impact with a 4-hour experience that can launch them in Community Projects. The Design Sprint resources provide educators with complete lesson plans for each stage of the Design for Change framework: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share.



Introduce students to the Design for Change methodology and the UN Global Goals, using a podcast and accompanying visuals that capture community interviews.



Listen to a specially-designed podcast highlighting a community challenge


Brainstorm collaboratively, using quick activities


Develop action plans and storyboards

Time Required:4 hours
Feature:Introduces the Design for Change methodology
Effort:Provides concise and scripted experience for students
Alignment:Aligns to a UN Global Goal
Context:Connects to relevant, local community challenges

Perfect for the educator...

  • Looking for a quick way to introduce students to the Design for Change methodology
  • Searching for ready-made lesson plans that guide students through the design cycle
  • Interested in promoting the UN Global Goals
  • Passionate about connecting students to relevant issues in their community

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