Community Projects

A Robust Community Change-Making Experience

Community Projects offer an authentic and responsive experience for students, guiding them through a design thinking process as they develop and implement a community change project. With the Community Project resources, educators have access to a 100+ lesson plans and activities. Educators can use these resources to meet the needs of their students and account for the constraints in their unique context. Ultimately, students build skills and carry out an action plan to create social change locally.



Using a diverse library of resources, create a learning experience that best meets the needs of your students and supports them to create lasting change in their community.



Community interviewing


Collaborative brainstorming


Project implementation

Time Required:8-10 weeks
Feature:Dives deeply into the Design for Change methodology
Context:Integrates seamlessly into diverse contexts and can be aligned to academic outcomes
Impact:Results in student-driven, authentic and lasting social change
Alignment:Encourages investigation into 1 or more UN Global Goals

Perfect for the educator...

  • Looking for a robust way to introduce students to the Design for Change methodology
  • Searching for adaptable resources that facilitate the design thinking process
  • Interested in creating a unique experience that meets the academic and socioemotional needs of their students
  • Passionate about empowering students to create authentic and lasting change in their community

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