A robust community change-making experience

Community Action

Community Action offer an authentic and responsive experience for students, guiding them through the design thinking process as they develop and implement a community change project. With the Community Project resources, educators can access 100+ lesson plans and activities to best serve their students according to their prior knowledge and unique context. Ultimately, students build skills and carry out an action plan to create social change locally.


All lesson plans start with an Empathy Podcast.

These short podcasts help your students become empathic about a specific social issue, while learning the Design for Change methodology.

Each podcast is aligned with a UN Global Goal and includes real interviews with people affected by that issue and changemakers making a difference.

Feel :: Empathize


Using the podcast as a starting point, students go into their community and interview people to develop a deeper understanding of the issue.

Imagine :: Brainstrom


Students brainstorm collabortively in the classroom and then get outside and get feedback from community members.

Do :: Prototype


The team implements the idea in the community. It might not work like they planned, so they will need to brainstorm and iterate to make it better.


Students interview community members to see what kind of impact they had and then share their story with their peers to inspire more change.

Time Required: 10+ hours
Feature: Authentic community engagement
Where: In class and in the community
Output: Community action project
Perfect for the Educator: Looking for a way to build on student empathy and deeply engage community in order to create concrete sustainable change.

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A quick way to get engaged with a specific social cause and for your students to think critically about it.

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Brief classroom activities that build empathy around a social issue and introduce design thinking concepts.

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5 hours

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