Let's do our part.

Climate Action

Let's Do Our Part

Raging wildfires, rising sea levels and disastrous storms continue to devastate our planet. Students around the world are expressing concern for their future through protests, advocacy and action. We are here to support educators in helping students to become aware of the impact of climate change and understand what they can do to have a positive impact.


"This generation of students will feel the effects of climate change more than any other, and it is critical that every student is provided an opportunity to study and understand the climate crisis through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary lens," she said in a statement. Young people, including teen activist Greta Thunberg, have been at the forefront of recent climate change protests and students in more than 100 countries staged walkouts last year. CNN

Community Voices. Real Empathy.

Introduce your students to important themes about Climate Action by having them listen to one of our many podcasts featuring the real voices of those affected by the issue.

DFC USA students think globally and act locally.

DFC USA students think globally and act locally.

Help students kick start their project by introducing them to the UN Global Goals and encouraging them to consider these goals as they work together to design innovative solutions.

For the theme of Education Equity, students may consider the following UN Global Goals or select their own. To learn more about the UN Global Goals, check out The World’s Largest Lesson.

Design for Change in Action

The Honoring the Land: Fighting the Keystone XL Pipeline

This project was aimed at uncovering community thoughts and documenting those thoughts regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline while finding ways to insert student voices as advocates for their community by bringing concerns straight to state lawmakers.

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