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Calling on kids and teens to take the challenge!


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COVID-19 has changed our lives and our world.
While we are social distancing, let's connect through kindness. Use your compassion and creativity to do acts of good from home. Small acts can make a big difference! Take the #DoGoodFromHome challenge now!

Get Inspired!

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Get started by picking a group you care about:

Consider how they might be affected by COVID-19 and show them how much you care:

You can also hear a short podcast from people around the country who have been impacted.

Then #DoGoodFromHome

Feel Understand the need

Connect! Look for news clips, article and social media posts to learn more about the group of people you chose.

Things to think about

Imagine Get creative

Brainstorm! Jot down ideas for safe ways you can make an impact right now. Ask your friends or family for help.

Things to think about

Do Act now

Get Started! Make your idea happen, safely.

Some examples:

  • Calling elders
  • Doing chores
  • Online tutoring
  • Online book club
  • More...
Things to think about

Share Challenge others

Post! Share a video or picture(s) of what you did using the hashtag #DoGoodFromHome. Tag your friends and inspire them to take on the challenge.

Tips for posting on social media

  • Tell your story using the words Feel, Imagine, Do, Share.
  • In your video, say: "I took #dogoodfromhome" and challenge your friends.
Things to think about