Empowering young people to become
agents of change in their own community.

A Global Organization With Local Impact

Design for Change USA is the national chapter of Design for Change World, a global movement of young people creating positive impact in their community. We use a simple design thinking framework (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) to empower students to design and implement social change projects in their community, fostering an I CAN mindset.

When students participate in DFC, they join a coalition of young people around the world saying, I CAN!

Children are not helpless, change is possible and they can drive it.

A framework for addressing the UN Global Goals

DFC has partnered with the World’s Largest Lesson to address the 17 Global Goals as determined by the United Nations. The DFC experience is carefully crafted to ensure a focus on the Global Goals at each stage of the 4 step DFC process. Students are encouraged to think globally while acting locally. Using this framework, students are tasked to address the UN Global Goals, designing new and innovative solutions for the world's most pressing challenges.


The story of our founder Kiran Bir Sethi

The Design for Change global movement was founded in 2009, by world renowned educator and design thinker, Kiran Bir Sethi. She started the movement with a conviction that if young were made to feel empowered, they could design a better world. Kiran partnered with leading experts from Stanford Design School and IDEO to launch the very first design-thinking guide for young people across India. This guide served to introduce young people to the FIDS Framework. Today, the DFC movement can be felt worldwide, spanning 65+ countries and over 2 million children.


We are Design for Change USA, a nonprofit organization based in Boston, MA -- the U.S. partner of the worldwide Design for Change network.


Designing for Humanity

Empathy is at the heart of the DFC experience. We encourage students and educators to understand another perspective by using the Feel, Imagine, Do, Share methodology. By transforming their communities, young people transform themselves, realizing their own power to create lasting change.

We Are Your Partner

The DFC team supports educators/mentors in their own design thinking journey, through a combination of training and tools. Our goal is to equip educators/mentors with the knowledge they need to implement the DFC methodology with their students. We hope to remind all educators that they are making a meaningful difference in their community each and every day.

We Give Time Back

We recognize that teachers and mentors are always doing more with less (less time, less resources, less everything). Our goal isn’t to add more things for them to do - rather find new and simpler ways of doing them. Our focus on easy to adopt frameworks and integrating Design Thinking into existing curriculum will help get more out of what our partners are already doing.

Our Team

Sanjli Gidwaney
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Tara Harrington
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Courtney Tee
Impact Evaluator
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Our Board of Directors

Kathy Saulitis
Independent Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations and Grantmakers
KPS Consulting
(New York, NY)
Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD
Psychologist, Researcher, Author
Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University
(Seattle, WA)
Sanjli Gidwaney
Design for Change USA
Vinay Gidwaney
Maxwell Health

Our Education Advisor Board

John Collins
Formerly Faculty Director,
Special Studies
Harvard Graduate School of
Education (Cambridge, MA)
Mark Silberberg
Director of Learning & Innovation
Little Red School House & Elisabeth
Irwin High School (NYC)
Erin Threlfall
International School of Lausanne
Assistant Principal/ PYP Coordinator
(Lausanne, Switzerland)